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Time handling – real time faking

This post is part of the SATF work.

Proper time handling within MRDS turned out to be an absolutely non-trivial task. But its nice part is an opportunity to demonstrate and exploit some of the advanced MRDS features. Namely, the service “polymorphism”, touched in the timer generic service contract; the Observer pattern DSS implementation employed in the timer subscriptions and notifications; and the pattern of interaction between a simulation entity and a service. Continue reading

MRDS review – DSS, CCR, simulator and friends

This post is part of the SATF work.

This is a good time to review Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio architecture, since all the following will use the terms and notions of that system. Quite naturally, it strongly influenced simulation testing framework algorithms design and data structures. MRDS is a .NET-based framework which consists of three main components: DSS, CCR and simulation engine, plus tooling. Continue reading

MS Visual Studio add-in for DSS services debugging – the value of a tool

Programs in DSS environment are called services. They are not standard windows executables and could run only under DSS application server. They also differ significantly from conventional programs in terms of ideology. But still they are programs. And no matter how thorough you unit test them, or if three quarters of code is occupied with code contract assertions, you are to debug them. Continue reading